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Go See Rogue One

It's spectacular. It's phenomenal. It's everything I hoped for, and more. Can't think coherently. It took every ounce of will to not scream in fangirl glee for 50% of the movie. I want to watch it again already.
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Busy Day and I Don't Care

It's busy at work, but I don't care because I finished all my stats for the month. Woohoo! Now I will just sit back, take calls, and listen to Black Butler tracks and spam coworkers with Addams Family GIFs. :D

Happy Halloween to those of you who celebrate! I'll be posting my medieval goth costume up here when I get home tonight. :D To those of you who don't celebrate (my family was like that when I was little), I wish you a lovely day!
kahlan epic hair

Before the Awakening Review

Star Wars: Before the Awakening
Greg Rucka

This was a well-written book, totally worth buying on Amazon because I was too impatient to wait on a hold list at the library. My only quibble is that the poor author did not have a lot of leeway or material to work with, and I feel the stories suffered for it. Everything had to be painted in broad strokes, especially with Rey, and I just wanted to know SO MUCH MORE about everyone.

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Just Saw the Movie Unbroken . . .

. . . and wow. The feels, man. THE FEELZ. I had been working up to watching this movie for months. That included a few weeks in which I listened to an audiobook of Laura Hillenbrand's novel (which was poignant and beautiful and brilliantly done). Any films to do with wars that actually took place are very hard for me to sit through, and this one was too, but I'm so glad I did.

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