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I'm an aspiring novelist, and I need stories like I need oxygen. :)

My blogspot: Musing Novelist
My tumblr: Victorian Elf

Layout: I tweaked this lovely layout called Claire by malionette over at fruitstyle.

credit afinedisguise.

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a new hope, adventures of robin hood, age of innocence, amazing grace, amberian dawn, ancient egypt, andrew lloyd webber, anna maxwell martin, anne of green gables, anthony hopkins, anuna, at world's end, attack of the clones, audrey hepburn, bbc, big fish, bilbo baggins, boggle, books, calligraphy, carey mulligan, cate blanchett, celtic woman, charcoal sketching, chloe agnew, classical, criminal minds, crocheting, dean winchester, emma, emmy rossum, enya, epica, g a henty, galaxy quest, gothic rock, hans zimmer, hayley westenra, howard pyle, howard shore, internet, j r r tolkien, jacob two two, jane austen, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, johann sebastian bach, john powell, john williams, kiersten white, knitting, krypteria, labrynth of evil, laura ingalls wilder, lee pace, lisa kelly, lord of the rings, lotr, ludwig beethoven, mansfield park, matthew stover, meav, monk, ncis, nightwish, northanger abbey, orla fallon, paranormalcy, persuasion, phantom of the opera, piano, pirates of the caribbean, potc, pride and prejudice, princess bride, reading, rebecca, red, return of the jedi, revenge of the sith, sam winchester, sarah brightman, schubert, schumann, sense and sensibility, sharon den adel, shatterpoint, star trek, star wars, stream of passion, supernatural, symphonic rock, tarja turunen, the a team, the cat of bubastes, the empire strikes back, the fairly odd parents, the fall, the hobbit, the little house series, the phantom menace, the scarlet pimpernel, the silmarillion, the young victoria, tron legacy, vivaldi, web graphics, wipeout, wishbone, within temptation, wolfgang amadeus mozart, writing, xandria